About Boise Metal Works

Originally Boise Spring Works - Started in 1917

Boise Metal Works' roots date back to 1917 originally founded by Charlie Borup as Boise Spring Works as a metal repair and blacksmith shop.

A Family of Master Metal Fabricators

As years progressed Charlie's sons, Carl and George, became directly involved in the family business of suspension modifications, upgrades and repairs which require a great deal of fabrication. Carl Borup was known throughout the city of Boise as one of its top fabricators and metal smiths. Carl's son Burke also became involved in the family business at a young age and through the years had mastered the fabrication field.

Generations of Hard Work - Boise Metal Works

In 1994 Burke Borup opened Boise Metal Works located at 11345 President Drive, as generations before him, Burke's son Jeremy is also carrying on the Borup tradition. The company's growth and success has been contributed to hard work, high quality, customer service and diversity of the fabrication talent.